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Existing Customers:

Where do I login?I'm having login issues.How do I get a refund?

Where do I login?

You can login here:

There's also a forgot password link - in case you need it :)

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I'm having login issues.

Sorry about that!

Please try this first:

1. Use the forgot password link on this page - and make sure you don't have any typos in your email address.

2. Check your spam folder - since the emails can land there. Emails will be from Thrivecart (my web platform).

If that doesn't work - I'm happy to help :)

Please use this form:

Customer Contact Form ✉️

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How do I get a refund?

Sorry if my strategies didn't live up to expectations.

Please use this form - using the same email that your account is under:

Customer Contact Form ✉️

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