Can I multiply your bottom line?

In 2022, I'm doubling down on helping my current clients grow.

Because of this - I'm very picky when it comes to accepting new projects.

I prefer working with companies I'm sure I can add maximum value to.

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Who's Shawn Joshi?

I've helped 5,700+ companies with their marketing - ranging from startups to 10-figure enterprises.

(You're welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn.)

"Shawn has worked with our company for a number of years.

During this time he has helped with our success with his innovative strategies and straight forward advice.

As we continue to grow, we see Shawn playing a growing role.  He is an integral part of our team and a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Shawn!"

Dan Eisner
CEO, True North Mortgage

Facebook + Google Ads:
Account Audits

Are your campaigns driving at least a 3x return on investment?

If not - you've got some work to do.

Most companies don't know where to look - or which questions to ask - to drive massive improvements in performance.

Your audit will find the revenue multipliers - and the money leaks - in your account.

The end result:

Revenue increases while your advertising costs decrease.

Who are advertising audits for?

Ad account audits are a good fit for:

Here's what you get:

An ad account audit includes:

Full Campaign Audit: You'll receive a detailed report outlining gaps in your structure, targeting, bidding strategies, and more.

Creative Review: One of the main areas to build a sustainable competitive advantage is through your copy and creative. I'll review your current creative, content velocity, and sourcing/development process - and provide tangible recommendations.

Teardown of the Conversion Experience: Your campaigns don't exist in a vacuum. If your website does a bad job of converting traffic into leads/customers - then changes need to be made.

Limitless Q + A: After the audit is delivered, you're welcome to ask as many questions as you'd like. There's no limits. You'll have direct access to me - whether it's one day or one month after I send your audit.

Return on Investment

At the very least - my recommendations should double your investment within the first 30-60 days.

If I can't find meaningful improvements for your campaigns, I'll refund your money.

Ad account audits have a minimum fee of $2,500. Delivery times are 14-21 days after your order is processed.

Want an objective audit that improves results? Reach out here 👇

"Over the last 8 months alone, Shawn has driven more than 4,000 extra leads compared to last year, while also reducing our cost per lead by 27%.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with him."

Miles Palmer
Owner, GlassMasters Autoglass

Google Business Profile:
Custom Audit + Strategy

Most companies know Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) can be a revenue engine...

But they don't have the time to figure out exactly what to do to dominate their market.

So they settle for less:

A Custom Audit + Strategy is for companies who want outsized returns from their Google Business Profile.

Who are Google Business Profile audits for?

My auditing services are used by:

Here's what you get:

A Custom Audit + Strategy includes:

Detailed Report: An in-depth report outlining 11 tangible and research-backed improvements for your Profile and its connected assets (landing page, citations, conversion experience).

Actionable Recommendations: Get a list of prioritized recommendations to improve performance.

Baseline Performance: I'll provide a baseline of your current performance, using Google Analytics, local rankings, and maps radius reports.

Limitless Q + A: After the report is delivered, you're welcome to ask as many questions as you'd like. There's no limits. You'll have direct access to me - whether it's one day or one month after I send your audit.

Lifetime Access to the Execution Plan: This is my collection of processes for optimizing and managing Google Business Profiles. You'll be given lifetime access at no extra charge (it's currently on sale for $479).

Return on Investment

My audits pay for themselves within 15-45 days.

More importantly, the recommendations lead to long-term improvements in visibility.

This means the extra traffic, leads, and revenue keep coming in - far after the audit's one-time fee.

A Custom Audit + Strategy has a one-time fee of $1,500. Delivery times are 7-14 days after your order is processed.

Can you benefit from a Custom Audit + Strategy? Let's chat 👇

"Since applying Shawn's recommendations, our quote requests have increased by 750%."

NT Izuchi
Owner, Prime Spaces

Facebook + Google Ads:
Ads Management Service

I'll manage everything from the account setup to the ongoing optimization.

If your website's user experience isn't up to par, I'll even build a conversion-optimized landing page to send the traffic to.

I love the challenge of proving my worth every month.

That's why I don't lock my clients into long-term contracts.

(My oldest clients have stuck with me for 7+ years.)

Who are my ads management services for?

I can offer the most value to:

What do you get?

Effective ads management services aren't one-size-fits-all.

Once I get an understanding of where your campaigns are at - and where you want them to go - I'll provide clear expectations on:

Pricing is dependent on the size of the account, campaign types, and more. Please contact me for a custom quote.

Think we'd be a good fit? Let's chat 👇

"I've worked with Shawn on a number of performance marketing campaigns.

He's run massive volume on offers in multiple countries/languages - and his traffic quality is always great.

Shawn's an experienced media buyer who knows how to get the most out of every campaign."

AJ Manuel
Performance Marketing Manager

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