This HVAC company is getting 40+ calls per month from Google.

Without ads or SEO.

Kindle Heating & Air is an HVAC contractor based in Ontario.

The company is family-owned and operated - and specializes in a range of HVAC services.

This includes:

Wesley Pijl - the company's owner - has established Kindle as one of the "good guys".

They've built a strong reputation for their fast turnaround times and honest pricing.

Key Challenges:

High CPCs, Massive Competition, Fewer Reviews

Kindle knew Google was the best opportunity to get found by prospects who were actively searching for their services.

But - like other small businesses operating in competitive markets - there were a number of challenges:

🤑 Challenge #1: Extremely high CPCs on Google Ads.

Here's a snapshot of the average costs per click in their area:

Paying $56+ per click just wasn't a realistic option for Kindle.

🥇 Challenge #2: Massive competition on SEO.

Organic search results were being dominated by giants like:

These websites use their authority to throw their weight around in local markets.

This makes it difficult for real local businesses to compete for the top 3 spots with SEO.

(The top 3 positions get most of the clicks.)

If you're familiar with SEO, you know that links matter a lot.

All else equal - if you have more links than your competitors - you'll rank higher.

Here's a comparison of each website's link profile:

Even if Kindle had an unlimited budget to throw at SEO - they still wouldn't be able to compete for a top ranking.

Side note: In theory, Kindle could build more links than their competitors, and eventually rank higher. But the unit economics aren't realistic. I'll publish an analysis of link building's ROI soon.

⭐ Challenge #3: The "fewer reviews" problem on Google Business Profile.

Kindle has built a strong reputation through their customer service and quality of work.

But they were being overshadowed by competitors who had more reviews on Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

Here's a snapshot of how they stack up to top competitors:

Competitors with more reviews were ranking higher with Google Business Profile - and winning most of the traffic (and business).

Focusing on Google Business Profile

To recap:

If Kindle was going to succeed - Google Business Profile looked like the most realistic opportunity.

Winning with the Execution Plan

After reading one of my articles - Wesley decided to give the Execution Plan a shot.

He followed some of the processes - and started moving up the rankings on Google Business Profile.

Eventually, he got top visibility on Google Search and Google Maps.

Snapshot #1 (Below): Kindle ranking #1 for "heating and cooling Niagara Falls".

Kindle was getting free traffic from a keyword that costs $109.86 per click with Google Ads.

Snapshot #2 (Below): Kindle ranking #3 for "furnace repair Niagara Falls".

A keyword that costs $67.94 per click with Google Ads.

"A minimum of 40 calls a month."

Higher rankings are fun to talk about - but they're meaningless if they don't lead to qualified leads.

Here's what Wesley had to say about his results:

"Shawn, I just want to say how much of a pleasure it was to use your system.

It was straight forward, right to the point, and for my business extremely effective!

I have managed to rank to the top of Google Maps and now receive
a minimum of 40 calls a month from Google.

I am a small HVAC contractor and this is huge for my business. Your program holds incredible value well above the actual cost.

And it doesn't stop there.

You send out emails with tips and tricks on business and they are so simple yet filled with incredible information and insight.

Shawn, hats off to you for changing my business and life with this incredible program.
Best decision to date for my business."

- Wesley Pijl
Owner, Kindle Heating & Air

Is the Execution Plan right for you?

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